Environment VariablesΒΆ

Several environment variables can be configured at application level

  • DATASTORE Connection string for postgresql database

  • BAD_DATA_MESSAGE (Invalid data format), message displayed when data is not in valid format (not JSON for example)

  • ERROR_500_MESSSAGE (Internal Server Error), message displayed when things go wrong

  • DBPOOL_MAX_SIZE (10), maximum number of connections in postgres connection pool

  • DBECHO, if set to true or yes it will use echo=True when setting up sqlalchemy engine

  • MICRO_SERVICE_PORT (8080), default port when running the serve command

  • MICRO_SERVICE_HOST (, default host when running the serve command

  • MAX_PAGINATION_LIMIT (100), maximum number of objects displayed at once

  • DEF_PAGINATION_LIMIT (50), default value of pagination

  • SPEC_ROUTE (/spec), path of OpenAPI spec doc (JSON)